Kevin Guedj (The Battle of the Clans) as a couple with a candidate from the Fifty? Carla Moreau reacts

This Tuesday, November 15, a crazy rumor appeared on social networks accusing Kevin Guedj of having rebuilt his life with Cynthia (The Fifty). The candidate of The Battle of the Clans made a point.

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The month of October was rich in twists and turns for Carla Moreau. It all started when Belle Longwell revealed that she had an affair with Kevin Guedj off on the set of The Battle of the Clans. It was too much. Ruby’s mom has announced her final break with her husband. Besides, his reaction on social media was not unanimous.

Kevin Guedj already in a relationship?

This Tuesday, November 15, the account @Shayara_tv revealed evidence that Kevin Guedj and Cynthia were in the same place having a stay at a luxury hotel and spa. From there, the blogger claimed that they were in rapprochement or even a couple. Upon hearing the news, the father of the family wanted to restore the truth on his Snapchat account and said: “When something has to happen, I’ll let you know. I would be the first to tell you. I spent a day with friends. This girl, Cynthia, very nice girl by the way, is dating a friend of mine.“For her part, the former candidate of the Fifty confided: “I see something happening on the networks. But you’re completely sick. But you’re crazy. You’re not tired of inventing lives for me, seriously? I’m here, I’m sitting at the restaurant with friends , I came to see a friend I’m dating. And even if, it’s my private life, I do what I want, but you are crazy […] Kevin is still with Carla, I don’t know, I just met him. He’s very nice. It has to stop.” Carla Moreau also reacted with a story made up of vomiting emojis.

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A difficult situation

At the beginning of the week, Kevin Guedj wanted to make an update in the face of the criticism received since his breakup with Carla Moreau during a FAQ on Instagram. “It’s legitimate, we’re known. It makes me laugh because there are people I don’t even know. So it’s funny. It’s embarrassing too. Personally, it’s not the kind things that affect me. Afterwards, even if we’re famous, we all have families. Families who suffer from this kind of thing. But it doesn’t affect me. I have absolutely nothing to do with it. way, now, there are a lot of people who like to live off the misfortune of others. By inventing bullshit, by inventing lives”, he explained. That has the merit of being clear !

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"She's a nice girl" : Kevin Guedj (The Battle of the Clans) as a couple with a candidate of the Fifty?  Carla Moreau reacts

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