Kenza Farah mom of a little boy! Surprise announcement and first photo of the baby

Kenza Farah gave birth to a baby boy. To the angels, Manel’s mother revealed the birth of her son but also some images of her pregnancy, which had remained secret until then. Great news for all fans of the singer.

Kenza Farah is a mom for the second time! Two years after the birth of her daughter Manel, the singer announced that she had given birth to a little boy named Issa, also revealing photographs when she was pregnant. “Welcome my little prince Issa, we already love you so much and Manel is delighted to be your big sister. May God protect you my son and make you a good man“, she wrote in the caption. On one of the pictures, we also discover a first portrait of the infant in the maternity ward, surrounded by a blue plaid on which his first name is embroidered in gold thread. As for her first pregnancy, the young mother did not reveal the identity of the mysterious dad.

In comments, many fans of the singer congratulated her for this happy event kept secret. “Omg congratulations, welcome little prince“, “Congratulations and lots of happiness“, “Congratulations my beauty, I can’t wait to meet him inchallah“, “Masha Allah so happy for you May Allah preserve you“, “Congratulations to you my beautiful may God preserve your little family. Welcome little prince Issa. Lots of happiness to you“, can we read on Instagram.

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