Karine Le Marchand embarrassed by a very daring joke about her sex life

“France has incredible talent” is an opportunity to discover the sometimes unsuspected gifts of many candidates. During the episode of Friday November 25, 2022, Eric Antoine was particularly in good shape and Karine Le Marchand paid the price…

Just like Christian Gray in the movie fifty shades of grayKarine Le Marchand would have very particular tastes in her intimacy… In any case, this is what Eric Antoine joked about in the show France an incredible talent broadcast exceptionally on Friday November 25, 2022, and not on Tuesday. Following the performance of Basile, who came shirtless on the set with a wheelbarrow, the candidate seemed to titillate Hélène Ségara and Marianne James, very sensitive to the talent of the candidate but also to his charm.

Normally it’s not the kind of show that makes me vibrate but there you tape me. You put so much poetry into every movement. You tell a film with three times nothing finally“, confided the interpreter Hélène Segara. Joking about his juggler number, Marianne James made a point of joking about the way he played with his balls.It’s true that the least we can say, Basil, is that you are a luminous being. Your number is very subtle… Your caresses with your own balls, sorry!“, indicated the former juror of Nouvelle Star, bewitched by the young man.

Hilarious, comedian Eric Antoine revealed that he received information from Karine Lemarchand in his headset. This would be seduced by the candidate who wanted to tell the story of his grandfather, a former miner (the reason why he used a wheelbarrow to illustrate his job).

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