Julien (Star Academy) in Hanouna’s TPMP, a nod to Anisha martyred at the castle

Ousted from Star Academy during the last prime, Julien will be on TPMP tonight, Cyril Hanouna’s show on C8, at the same time as Stan. A nod to Anisha, who would be mistreated at the castle!

The 20-year-old singer from Toulon was yesterday evening in Quotidien, Yann Barthès’ show on TMC, where his adventure was discussed, and recognizes that it has not always been easy because of fatigue and pressure, as well as stage fright.

“I’m cured everything is fine, but I took a lot,” said Anisha’s accomplice.

“We spend our time during break times reviewing because we know we have a bonus, evaluations”, he slips, who did not slip away when he was questioned about the alcohol in Dammarie-les-Lys.
“No, we had the right to a cut the first night, but here it is. We were a very wise promotion, ”slips Chris’ buddy.

And tonight in TPMP on C8, he would no doubt be questioned on the same themes, and according to the fans of the show, informed observers, there could be a nice nod to Anisha, supposedly isolated since her departure. . She would be harassed in particular by Léa.
“So Anisha’s adventure is going to be ruined because of jealous people?” “, is it commented on Twitter, where a photo on which we discover it with Julien is revealed.

“So the production, what are you going to do about the harassment that Léa has Anisha undergo, I watch the show from Jenifer and I’ve never seen that. Léa doesn’t respect people, but apparently the production doesn’t care, it seems that they are afraid to punish her “.

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