Julien makes revelations about the “mimi cracra” of the castle

By Solene V

– Posted on 18 Nov 2022 at 10:03

Julien was eliminated from Star Academy during the last prime. During an interview with Konbini, he made some revelations about his adventure. But above all, on the least orderly person in the castle.

The star Academy ends very soon. This Saturday, November 19 will take place the long-awaited semi-final. Whereas Louis already has its place in the final thanks to its very successful evaluation, all the other candidates still in contention find themselves named. Thereby, Enola, Anisha, Lea, Tiana and Chris will be submitted to public votes during the next bonus. They were 13 at the start, they will only be 4 during the grand final live on Saturday November 26th. Since then, these are Amisse, Ahcène, Cenzo, Paola, Carla, Stanislaus and Julian which were eliminated. Moreover, the latter has been interviewing since leaving the castle. The student had also immediately taken the floor on his social networks to thank his fans. ” I want to thank you all for supporting me, you made me realize who i am and who I could be. I can’t wait to offer you something heavy and that we love it together! »he said on Instagram.

The candidate is therefore not so disappointed to have left the adventure, but rather happy that the star Academy could bring him. Since its release, it has also chained the interviews. Highly appreciated by the public, he does not hesitate to make revelations about his former comrades and their life at the castle to answer questions from viewers. It was during an interview with Konbini that he confided in his life post star Academy. “Returning to reality is good”, he begins by explaining, happy to find his loved ones and… his phone. He then adds: “All the notifications came suddenly, I didn’t understand, it was awesome”.

Julien swings on his Star Academy comrades

But that’s not all ! During this interview with Konbini, Julian also swung on his former comrades. Especially the ones he liked the most. And it’s Louis who wins! “My hero of the adventure is Louis. This guy is great, he is full of humor, he knows how to discuss when necessary, he knows how to make imitations. This guy is everything and this everything, I adore him”, explains the candidate. As for the most ” disgusting “ of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, he did not hesitate to reveal his name! The former student of star Academy entrusts : “Oh me, by my farts in the castle I think! In terms of order, the person who tidies up the least is Léa”. Decidedly, Leah is at the heart of all the discussions, in addition to chaining the bad buzz for a few days…

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