Journalists of the video game site “Gamekult” ordered to leave their posts without notice

While a few days ago, almost all of Gamekult’s editorial staff specializing in video games announced his departure. The reason ? The arrival of a new shareholder, Reworld Media. Journalists were asked to leave the editorial office quickly on Monday. If they decided to take the assignment clause, linked to the change of owner of the media, they had to keep their posts until December 7th.

A few days ago, journalists from the site specializing in video games gamekult announced via a press release on Twitter the departure of almost all of their editorial staff as of December 7. A decision taken after the arrival of new shareholder Reworld Media, whose practices make the headlines and have already pushed many journalists to leave for other newsrooms which he acquired.

But less than a week later, it was impossible for the journalists of Gamekult to write on the website and above all to make their last show, that of saying goodbye to their readers and impossible to set foot in the editorial staff again. The newspaper Release reports that journalists were asked to pack their boxes in a hurry earlier than expected on Monday.

Waiver of notice

Almost all of this editorial staff decided to leave following a change of shareholder. But, while they had to continue working until December 7, they were finally exempted from their notice.

A few days before, they had devoted an entire program to Twitch to announce and explain the reasons for this collective departure. They had done it with great caution, even if the spectators had understood, between the lines, that they feared for their editorial independence.

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