John Textor in the turmoil at Botafogo

While it is close to definitively buy Olympique Lyonnais, the American businessman John Textor would have problems in Brazil in the management of the Botafogo club. According brazilian media Globe, the local Rio de Janeiro team reportedly delayed several upcoming payments, including on commissions and other bonuses on signed contracts. These bonuses, often divided and paid monthly throughout the contract, are still pending.

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Contacted by the Globo, Botafogo would indeed have confirmed to have some unexpected problems related to the club’s cash flow but nevertheless specifies that he is up to date on the payment of salaries and bonuses on image rights: “Botafogo has put in place a professional management of its resources, always aiming for the efficiency of the cash management of SAF, as in any company of this size, we also pay important unexpected liabilities of the club”

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