Johanna and Yann give in to temptation (Summary in advance of episode 1026)

Un Si Grand Soleil in advance with the detailed summary of episode 1026 of Tuesday November 29, 2022. In this new episode, Noémie quarrels with her neighbor. Johanna, meanwhile, is determined to confront Yann to advance their story..


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Un Si Grand Soleil Summary in advance episode 1026 of November 29, 2022

Noémie quarrels with her neighbor

Akim and Noémie continue to spin the perfect love. Akim offers the young woman a tourist guide to Sicily. He got his leave and they will be able to go on vacation in two months.

While Noémie is with Rémi, she surprises her neighbour, William and his daughter Élodie, taking wood from her property. However, she has already told him not to enter her house without warning. But William does not see where the problem is since she does not use her wood. Noémie protests against such a lack of education. In his eyes, the least you can do is ask. William points out to her that he was taking wood long before she came to settle down and that he never had any problems before. Noémie doesn’t want to hear anything and asks them to get off her land, which they do.

While Noémie is quarreling with her neighbor, Akim decides to organize an aperitif with friends for Bilal’s birthday.

Noémie then meets Élodie who has come to apologize for her father’s behavior. She assures him that he doesn’t have a bad background even if he’s a little gruff. Noémie appreciates that the young girl has come to see her and thanks her. Back home, Élodie tells her father that she tried to calm things down with Noémie so that they would have good neighborly relations. But William suspects Noémie of having denounced him a few months earlier for spreading pesticides. Élodie tries to make him listen to reason, but without success.

For his part, Akim invites Noémie to come to his brother’s birthday party, but Noémie is not yet ready to see Ludo again.


Yann and Johanna give in to their desires

Guilhem was wiretapped. Johanna calls her uncle to check on him. Guilhem tells him how empty the house seems to him. Johanna doesn’t like to know it alone. She repeats to her uncle her proposal to come to her house, but Guilhem declines. Johanna then encourages him to go back to her office, convinced that it would do her good to go back to work, even partially. But Guilhem would first like to be able to organize the funeral of his late wife, only he needs the authorization of the judge to be able to bury her. Johanna offers to find out. Guilhem thanks her for her support.

AL Cosmétiques, Laurent Berthier thanks, meanwhile, Elisabeth who authorized him to take his day off the day before so that he could stay with Marion. Even though she was cleared, she remains traumatized. Laurent seizes the opportunity to try to convince Elisabeth not to end their collaboration with Guilhem. But she made her decision and will not go back on it.

While tidying up, Guilhem found Sylvie’s photo albums and brings them to Marion. He thought she would be delighted to have them. Guilhem then says she is sorry for everything she has endured since Sylvie’s death. But Marion is convinced that Guilhem killed her aunt and asks her to keep her grieving widower’s number for someone else. Shaken by Guilhem’s visit, she immediately calls Laurent who defends Guilhem. He laments that his wife is hounding him when he must be devastated by the death of his wife.

Johanna, meanwhile, is waiting for Yann at the exit of the police station. She came to confront him to move their story forward. And they end up kissing passionately before going to Johanna’s to share an intimate moment.

For his part, Alain warns Elisabeth that he won’t be home right away, because he’s waiting for a patient’s results, and then he makes sure that she’s fine. Elisabeth shares her concern with her companion. Now that Marion is cleared, she knows that the police will dig other leads. Elisabeth hopes the police aren’t going to spill out on Guilhem’s alibi. Unaware that she’s being wiretapped, Elisabeth confides to Alain how much she regrets having lied to cover him up.

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