Jean-Pierre Papin is already putting pressure on the Marseillais!

Olympique de Marseille has formalized the arrival of Jean-Pierre Papin. Pablo Longoria’s new adviser is already putting pressure on his players for the Coupe de France match.

Since this Monday evening we know the opponents of the‘Olympic Marseille for the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France! It will be Hyères FC which plays in National 2. The FFF proceeded to draw lots on Monday, so OM was selected to play against its neighbor geographically!

The Coupe de France must remain a goal because it is one of the most beautiful competitions — Papin

Jean-Pierre Papin, who became one of President Pablo Longoria’s advisers, was asked about this draw for the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France. The former Olympique de Marseille legend puts the club’s goals back in the spotlight!

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“It’s a short trip but a game where you have to be careful, even if it’s still a pretty good draw. The last time Hyères faced Marseille, in 1940, Hyères had won. The Coupe de France must remain an objective because it is one of the most beautiful competitions. And then that qualifies for Europe. It must be a goal of the club. I think we have a good chance.” Jean Pierre Papin – Source: FFF (21/11/22)

The French Cup? We must seek to win the competition — Longoria

“We are very satisfied with the work done. We wanted to give style to the team. We have a very identifiable way of playing, everyone understands how we play. That was our goal with Tudor, gives very strong identification. We were competitive almost every game. It’s very difficult to play against us. We want to travel at two points per game, it is an indicator for the podium. We are on target. We see teams like Lens at 36 points, that’s a lot, we have to be aware of the situation. The other thing is the Champions League. We were competitive, I told the players that I was proud, even if we are not happy with the result. We are not happy not to continue in Europe, but the level given on the pitch was satisfactory. We were up to it. (…) The French Cup? We must seek to win the competition. It’s very difficult, but we have an obligation to be as competitive as possible. What makes us live economically is the qualification for European competitions. But winning titles is something everyone can remember. Winning titles allows you to change the mentality of the players. » Pablo Longoria – Source: Press conference (11/15/22)

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