Javier Tebas adds a layer on Paris Saint-Germain / France / PSG / SOFOOT.com

With him, all subjects are good to talk about Paris Saint-Germain.

To criticize him, rather. Invited to Porto for a press conference dedicated to football, the president of La Liga took advantage of questions asked about the Superleague to denigrate the French club. “If we rely on tycoons and state clubs like PSG or Manchester City, we destroy clubs that want a profitable business. To defend the jobs we create, we must have a profitable business” for example launched the Spaniard.

“Those clubs that founded the European Superleague want to rule football because they have the most assets, but all of that would be completely dysfunctional for the sport. Real Madrid president says he will protect football, but we are fine and we don’t want him to protect us” said the man again, tapping this time on the Meringues.

Next tackle in three, two, one…
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