It will cost 12 dollars for a pint of beer in Qatar / Mondial 2022 /

At this price, the pint will quickly replace black gold.

In its infinite leniency, the Qatari royal family authorized the consumption of beer with alcohol on its territory, governed by Islamic law, during the World Cup. The authorities have even put in place sobering up spaces which will surely be more visible than bars.

We can already thank the organizers of the World Cup for taking care of its visitors, while they have been harshly criticized for the welcome reserved for migrant workers. In order to protect the health of its tourists, other news will delight fans who have planned to make the trip: FIFA partner Budweiser has planned to charge nearly twelve dollars a pint. But the Qatari organizers have promised to lower the cost of a half-liter of beer to a more reasonable price during the competition, between five and eight dollars. But the producer urine of American beer having the monopoly of the service of the hopped drink, the doubt remains allowed.

Will England fans recover?


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