is the TV movie with Clovis Cornillac inspired by a true story?

On the occasion of an evening dedicated to violence against women scheduled for Wednesday, November 16 from 9:10 p.m., France 2 broadcasts After the silence with Clovis Cornillac. Is the story inspired by a news item?

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Wednesday, November 16, France 2 devotes its evening to violence against women. In the program, After the silence (our opinion)TV movie with Clovis Cornillac, Caroline AngladeSamira Lachhab, Alice David and Lilou Fogli (companion of Clovis Cornillac to the city), followed by a document Infrared, Fight their violenceand a debate moderated by Mary Drucker. Thus this special program will begin with a unique single directed by Jérôme Cornuau around a still taboo subject: marital rape. If the fiction is not directly inspired by a true story, many victims are affected by this reality. In 2021, out of 24,800 rapes counted in France, half had been committed within a couple, with a twenty-year prison sentence incurred by the perpetrators. Only 2% had resulted in a conviction.

“These guys are dangerous because they are in total denial”

In the costumes of Grégory Pasteur, a real estate agent at the height of his success, Clovis Cornillac embodies one of those aggressors who ignore each other… or not. When Marina, his ex-girlfriend played by Caroline Anglade, files a complaint against him, he contemptuously imagines yet another maneuver to ruin his life. “These guys are in total denial, convinced of being in their right, underlines the actor. They don’t tell each other the world as it is, which is all the more terrible for their prey as they have the impression that they are the ones who are wrong. It’s not as simple as with a cold, calculating pervert that’s much easier to identify.”

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Television to raise awareness

On the long path of education that is looming for the mother of her son, in the absence of material elements or proof of non-consent, a wall of procedures and prejudices rises. Without forgetting the incredulity and the pithy judgments of his entourage. “I think television has a real function”continues Clovis Cornillac who had not appeared on the small screen since the series Chiefs in 2016. “Make beautiful films, on subjects as important as After the Silence, to reach as many people as possible and allow people to talk about them with friends or family.” He is also featured in That’s wonderful !his latest production, based on a novel by Pierre Lemaitre.

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