is the series with Odile Vuillemin taken from a true story?

Before The man of our lives, there is a feeling of déjà vu. As if each of us had already heard, one fine day, of this kind of story. Would it be in a fiction, a nauseating news item or by the voice of a friend of a friend of a friend. The plot of the new series in four episodes of M6 (our opinion), broadcast this Thursday, November 24 as a bonus, seems spontaneously close to us. The pitch is simple: a man, played by Jonathan Zaccaï (who replaced Ary Abittan at short notice), seduced women (including Helena Noguerra who had some difficulties on the set), bewitches them to better empty their bank account afterwards. But the series, produced by Frédéric Berthe (already at the helm for I lied and Astrid and Raphaelle), is it taken from a true story?

Series inspired by the misadventures of a friend

“Yes”replies without hesitation Amaury Fournial, who had the idea for the series and is the co-producer with Dominique Farrugia. The man even says that he was inspired by the misadventures of one of his close friends, the victim of a manipulator. But not only. The producer explains that some famous crooks of the 20th and 21st centuries also strongly influenced the writing of the series. Like the flirtatious seducers Jacques Masset and Christophe Rocancourt. Or the despicable Derek Alldred, an unscrupulous American hustler who extorted more than two million dollars from twenty women and who was the subject of the documentary Seduced by evil in person, released in 2019. The man changed his identity with each new conquest, lied shamelessly, then stole the woolen stockings of his prey. And ended up behind bars because the victims gathered to take the case to court.

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Same sisterly momentum in The man of our lives, where four flouted women, Odile Vuillemin (Profiling), Helena Noguerra (Replacing) who recently confided in Télé-Loisirs on her role as a single motherFlora Bonaventura (Big hotel, such a long night), and Élodie Frégé, join forces for revenge. And Jonathan Zaccaï to confirm, in an interview granted to TV 7 days : “The producers of this series were inspired by an authentic story that took place in the United States, where an impostor defrauded dozens of women. These victims have come together to seek justice, as in The man of our lives.”

certain proximity to The Tinder Scammer by Netflix

The series, winner of the prize for best screenplay at the 2022 La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival, also recalls the true story of Simon Leviev, told in the famous documentary The Tinder Scammer by Felicity Morris, released in 2022 on Netflix. The man has stripped many women by dangling the idyllic love story to them. We also think of the hero of You, by Joe Goldberg, who easily takes his obsessions for love affairs. Finally, note that the first two episodes of the mini-series will be followed, this Thursday evening, by a documentary honoring women and men who are victims of a scam. When fiction meets reality.

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