IQ Test: Would you be able to solve this math test as fast as possible (20 seconds)?

Today we bring you an IQ test in the form of a fun game. In addition to entertaining you, this game also allows you to assess your level of intelligence and your calculation speed. If you are one of those who love numbers and calculations, this challenge is perfect for you.

With this mathematical puzzle, you will have the opportunity to test your alertness, but also your sense of observation and your reasoning faculties. This type of game allows your brain to exploit its capacities to the maximum and helps you to exceed your limits.

Challenge of the day: explanation

Nuts, apples and leaves math challenge

In the following image you will find a mathematical puzzle under the theme of autumn. Between nuts, apples and leaves, this season well appreciated by many people is honored. You will then have to solve the calculation that is in the last line.

Before starting, it is advisable to look carefully at each image. Indeed, things are not always what they seem and there is a catch. We invite you to solve this challenge as quickly as possible, in less than 30 seconds. Are you ready ? 1, 2, 3! Go!

Did you succeed ?

So, did you manage to solve the math challenge in less than 30 seconds? Congratulations, you have a sharp mind and a keen sense of observation. If you couldn’t beat the watch, don’t worry, you can always repeat the experience without worrying about the time. If you haven’t found the answer or if you want to check yours, find the solution to this mathematical challenge below.

The solution to the challenge

In order to have the solution of this puzzle, it is important to proceed step by step. With the first 3 calculations, you can determine the value of the nut, leaf and apple. This then makes it possible to have the answer of the calculation of the last line.

  • 1 nut = 9
  • 1 sheet = 10 (on the image, we see two halves of a sheet to be added. It was therefore necessary to look carefully at the image to avoid falling into the trap and consider that one sheet was equivalent to 5. If so, the final calculation would have been wrong.)
  • 1 apple = 8

So the final calculation is: 9 + (10 x 8) = 89

This mathematical challenge did you like it? Be sure to share it with your friends and family to see if they can solve it too. You will also find on this site other challenges if you want to train, stimulate your brain and acquire the right reflexes.

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