Instagram calls for more equality for the nipples of women and transgender people

Meta (Facebook, Instagram) is once again called upon to revise its rules on nudity, in particular the one which prohibits women from showing their bare breasts. This censorship harms the ability of women and transgender or non-binary people to express themselves, according to the group’s supervisory board.

“We ask Meta to look into this issue. We say there should be more equality. Interestingly, the only non-sexualized nipples are those of men or those that have undergone surgery,” said Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former prime minister of Denmark and a member of Meta’s supervisory board, on Thursday.

The social media giant’s “supreme court” recently ruled that Meta shouldn’t have taken down photos posted by a couple showing their breasts, with nipples covered. The caption touched on the health of transgender people and explained that one of the two people would soon have their breasts removed as part of a sex reassignment surgery. The couple were raising funds to help them finance the intervention.

“The removal of these images is not consistent with Meta’s values ​​or its human rights responsibilities,” the supervisory board said on Tuesday. “The company’s adult nudity policy more strongly restricts women, transgender and non-binary people from expressing themselves on its platforms,” ​​the board added.

The oversight board is made up of 20 international members, journalists, lawyers, human rights defenders and former political leaders. It was created in 2020 on the proposal of boss Mark Zuckerberg and is responsible for assessing the…

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