in sublime low-cut dress, she brings tears to her husband Ryan Reynolds

On September 18, Blake Lively unveiled her new and fourth pregnancy in the spotlight in a sublime short Valentino dress. But if this news should naturally fill her with happiness, the actress did not hide a real anger. A few days after this joyful revelation, the one who shares her life with Ryan Reynolds was very cash on Instagram. The 35-year-old actress took to her account to let it be known that paparazzi waiting every day in front of her house to immortalize her pregnant. Something to exasperate him, of course. “Here are pictures of me pregnant in real life so the 11 guys waiting outside my house (…) can leave me alone. You are scaring my children and me!“, she commented by sharing photos of her natural, in moments of everyday life.

Luckily nothing to spoil the party. Pregnant with her fourth child, she is swimming in complete happiness and the pregnancy suits her perfectly. This is what she was able to show once again during an event this Thursday, November 17. Blake Lively, undisputed star since his participation in the cult series of the 2010s gossip girl, has indeed made the trip to the American Cinematheque Awards in Los Angeles. The opportunity to reveal again her pretty round belly of a future mother of a fourth piece of cabbage. Remember that Blake Lively and the star actor of…

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