In Paris, an “anti-Mondial” group hacks the televisions of … / Mondial 2022 /

The streets of Paris are no longer safe for football fans.

An “anti-World Cup” group rages in the streets of the capital, armed with a terrible pirate remote control – called “tool of peaceful resistance to the World Cup” – allowing it to mute any television within a radius of 45 meters.

Dan Geiselhart, founder of environmentalist media Climax, and initiator of this project, told the Parisian : “The idea is not to weigh political decisions on the back of the supporter, or to annoy them. But no more showing a signal, and saying that we can love football, but that we can also say that in this World Cup, things are not going well. » Nicolas, another activist, had a good idea: “We can already try to cut advertising, nobody wants to see it. »

Very good idea, we can’t get enough of the Sosh pub with the Blues.


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