Import of cars: Zeghdar gives details on the date

Since the announcement of changes in restrictions related to the import of cars in Algeria, the subject is at the heart of all discussions and citizens are waiting for answers on the many points that are still unclear.
One of them is: what date was set for the import of the first car ?

It is in this context that the Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar, intervened to provide more details. According to the Arabic-language media Echourouk, he affirmed that the first car will be imported as soon as “the files of import of cars will be deposited and their conformity with the specifications, the first approval will be granted”.
This therefore depends, in part, on the willingness of investors to comply with the specifications imposed in the context of importing automobiles.

Does the imposed specification respect the rights of citizens?

Specifications have been put in place to impose standards, restrictions and thus regulate procedures.

But does this specification guarantee the rights of citizens?

It is to this question that the Algerian Organization for Consumer Protection answered in a publication published on its official Facebook page.

Indeed, on November 18, 2022, the Algerian Organization for the Protection of Consumers revealed that these specifications are described as the “good”. Nevertheless, in order to qualify her remarks, she expressed a concern about “certain details which may appear problematic in practice”.

Namely that the new specifications governing the conditions and modalities of the activity of car dealers in Algeria were published last Thursday, i.e. November 17, 2022. Three essential points are to be remembered from it:

– There will be no import for diesel vehicles, as stipulated in article 29 of the new conditions.
– A delivery time capped at 45 days.
– The selling price appearing on the order form for the new rolling machine must be firm, non-revisable and non-updateable.

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