“I was a laughed-out child”

Clara Luciani looks back on a painful period of her childhood, during which she was harassed. Now admired by millions for her talent, the 30-year-old singer was mocked as a child.

Guest on the set of the show Daily broadcast on TMC this November 24, Clara Luciani indulges in a few confidences with Yann Bathès. She looks back in particular on the first years of her life and the suffering she may have felt at that time. The 30 year old singer start by emphasizing: “I believe that childhood wounds are rarely healed “. She then clarifies: I was a mocked child. I’ve said it over and over again, and I don’t feel like taking out the violins at all. But the thing is, as an adult, I still hold that in me “. The one that is now appreciated by millions of people keeps some traces of this time. The road to recovery is long. It is partly her passion and her audience that helped her to rebuild herself, to gain self-confidence and to esteem herself: “I still took care of myself a lot with the love of the people and the fact that so many of them come to the concerts, but I still have a little bit of weakness. “.

In particular, it must face certain apprehensions: “So just before I went on stage tonight, I was shaking backstage. And at the same time, I tell myself that I don’t want to completely overcome that. Stage fright is an energy in its own right: you have to know how to keep it on a leash and make it something to stay focused “.

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