“I no longer want to go on the roads, to take planes… The music is fine, I gave, thank you”

Starring in the film “Un petit miracle” alongside Alice Pol and Jonathan Zaccaï, Eddy Mitchell plays the role of Edouard, a former socialite dancer who dreams of only one thing, to escape from his retreat.

Already more than 60 years and 40 feature films that our national Eddy Mitchell treats us to on the big screen. In this new comedy, Sophie Boudre’s first feature film, a primary class and her teacher, Alice Pol, must take up residence in an EHPAD directed by Jonathan Zaccaï. The cohabitation between the children and the residents, more or less grumpy, is likely to make sparks.

“I kept my child’s soul well and I can’t help it, I’m like that!”

“There are very, very old people, and as they will be confronted with young people, even very young people, (…) they will relearn how to play games, something they had completely forgotten. But I remain impervious. I just want to get out of there.” Before adding: “I hope this film will work, because it is out of the ordinary”.

“We are not about to see me on stage again. The music is fine, I gave, thank you”

Eddy Mitchell has opened up about his future as an actor and singer. Between the stage and the film sets, the rocker has already made his choice. “I’m going to make records again, that’s obvious. It’s part of my life. But the stage, no. (…) I no longer want to go on the roads, to take planes, I no longer want to take trains, cars, etc., and find myself at the hotel at one o’clock in the morning. morning or at two o’clock eating a gourmet salad. No.”

One thing is certain: the last session does not seem to be coming for Eddy Mitchell.

Find “Un petit miracle” in theaters from January 25, 2023.

VIDEO – I can’t listen to this”: Eddy Mitchell cash on the music of his DJ grandson

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