“I fell and the other leg turned over”: Nikos recounts his fall during the “Star Academy”

It was one of the big absentees from the “NRJ Music Awards” on Friday. Host Nikos Aliagas, whose doctors had “strongly advised him not to fly”, said more to TV Star about the fall that forced him to revise his plans and give way to Camille Combal. “I was scared,” he confides to our colleagues.

We knew that Nikos had suffered a fall during the filming of the bonus of the “Star Academy” November 12, during a commercial. With Télé Star, the host reveals the circumstances: “In the pub, they turned off the lights and I thought I was going on hard, but I fell and the other leg turned around. “Despite the pain, however, Nikos was able to ensure the end of the bonus.

” Be careful “

“You have to be careful, you can fall and not come back,” Nikos knows he is lucky. “I tore my wing, split my foot, but show must go on…” continues the 53-year-old TF1 host, who for the first time since 2009 had to leave the hand of the presentation of “NRJ Music Awards”.

“The doctors strongly advised him not to take the plane, with all the trips that the NRJ Music Awards (at Cannes) impose, had told us a relative of the facilitator on the eve of the ceremony. He tried everything until the last moment not to give up, but he preferred to listen to the doctors”. Nikos had however, was able to present the “Star Academy” on Saturday.

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