“I am homeless”: the alarming confidences of Loana, in great financial distress

A slow descent into hell. Loana was the guest of TPMP People on C8, Saturday November 19, 2022. She confirmed that she was ruined and living on RSA (active solidarity income).

In a precarious situation, the former reality TV star is forced to live “a lot at [sa] mom” with whom she is reconciled and who she now takes care of. “I’m homeless eh, homeless,” she notes.

The former candidate of Loft Story clarified the reasons for her ruin. She would have been “forced” to sell her Paris apartment, located near the Eiffel Tower, to recover money. But the fruit of this sale would have been “stolen” from him. Today, she no longer has an apartment or income.

“Nobody is going to believe me, nobody believes me, even my family and my friends didn’t believe me, nor my mother, but since we live together a lot and we are much closer, she notices that he is true that, as soon as there are money in my account, they are often blown. I don’t have a car, I don’t have a house, I don’t have an apartment, it’s strange when same. The money went alone“, she assured.

If she accuses no one, she is convinced that people have “copied” her bank cards and are therefore using her bank account quietly.

In the meantime, she must find a solution by the end of the winter break, her mother, who only receives “90 euros per week“, obviously not being able to stay in his current accommodation. “I have to place it. I found a seniors’ home for in a few months“, also said Loana.


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