Homophobic songs, “a folkore” for Hugo Lloris, the abandoned “One Love” armband

A sad coincidence. This Monday, the seven European teams which had planned to bring to the Global in Qatar a colorful armband ” One Love “ against discrimination have given up in the face of the threat of “sporting sanctions” from Fifa. England, Wales, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland do not want their respective captains to incur a yellow card because of this inclusive armband, while saying they are “frustrated by the inflexibility of the Fifa.

Operation “One Love” had been abandoned by the Blues last week. “Fifa organizes the competition, defines a framework, rules, indicated the captain of the France team, Hugo Lloris. We players are asked to play football, to represent our countries as well as possible. I prefer to stay within my framework, that of player and competitor. There are different causes that are laudable, that should be supported. But Fifa decides on the organization. »

“It’s part of the decor”

A little earlier in the morning, the goalkeeper of the Blues had been pinned by the site Freeze frames, which indicates that a clip of the fight against homophobia, in which testified three players of the Blues (Lloris, Koundé and Clauss) was buried by the French Football Federation. In this video, Hugo Lloris clearly indicated that he was “against all forms of discrimination, and homophobia is one of them, because it has no place in society but also in football. »

But when answering a question posed by Yoann Lemaire, president of the association for the fight against homophobia Foot ensemble, on the homophobic songs present in the stadiums as well as the homophobic insults that can be heard on the ground, the former Lyonnais assured that it was “the folklore. When you’re on the pitch, it’s part of the decor, the fans who are sleeping, you can be insulted. If necessary, we can use it as additional motivation in adversity, we want to fight it out on the pitch. “A clumsy statement to say the least which undoubtedly prompted the Fed to throw this clip into oblivion.

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