his fake nephew invited to “TPMP” for his new life as a journalist, unease when Hanouna reminds him of the facts!

“The watered sprinkler” will say some. While others will accuse him of manipulation. Whether we are in one camp or the other, it is clear that Cory Le Guen was talked about a few hours ago and that it is gaining more and more momentum. Indeed, the journalist trapped the member of Reconquête!, Damien Rieu, by sending him a photo to denounce an alleged Muslim praying in a room of the courthouse. The politician, who has been relaying this kind of cliché on social networks for several weeks, and who is often accused of not checking his sources or using actors for this kind of publication, was quick to relay a new times the photo sent by Cory Le Guen.

Except it was a prank. Indeed, once the snapshot was released, the journalist hastened to publish a video to reveal that the person praying was none other than him. “Hi Damien, I’m Cory, I’m white, Breton, Catholic and also a journalist. And I wanted to show from this little video that you don’t give a damn about our g*****”, he strikes him in said video. Following this revelation, members of the far right did not fail to attack Cory Le Guen, accusing him in particular of spreading fake news to trap Damien Rieu. The latter, meanwhile, did not really appreciate the joke.

The “nephew” of Brigitte Macron, explains on “TPMP”

This is why he was not shy to greet “the joke” at first, but also remind him that the one who had trapped him had been convicted of identity theft and other facts. He had pretended to be the nephew of Brigitte Macron and had usurped the name of the directors of cabinets of the Élysée to obtain a VIP welcome or luxury services, for example reminded our colleagues from the Parisian. Invited this Wednesday, January 11 on the set of TPMPCory Le Guen dotted the i’s on this subject in the face of Cyril Hanouna.

“These are facts that date from 2018 for which I was tried in 2021 so it’s over. We often talk about rehabilitation. We often say ‘yes, those who have trouble with the law, you have to reintegrate ‘…I became a journalist long after. I didn’t commit the facts when I was a journalist”he assured before adding: “They point the finger at me because I reintegrate and if I don’t reintegrate, they point the finger at me too. I did about 11 months”. It remains to be seen whether this will be enough to calm the ardor of some.

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