“He’s not gay, so I said phew”: the mind-blowing words of the father of the suspect in the shooting in an LGBTQ + bar

The 22-year-old suspect was taken into custody shortly after the tragedy. In a video posted on Twitter, his father speaks about the responsibility of his son in the shooting. He says he is reassured that he is not one of the bar’s gay customers, claiming to be a “republican conservative”.

The shooting had 5 dead and 18 injured in LGBTQ+ nightclub in the Colorado in the United States. Interviewed by the American media CBS News 8, the father of the main suspect gave a shocking testimony according to Internet users.

More than flabbergasted by his son’s actions, he recounted his relief learning that the reason for his presence in the bar, was not his homosexuality.

“He’s not gay…phew”

Interviewed by the American channel, the father of the main suspect in the shooting gave a testimony could not be more alarming. If the question was about the actions of his son, he replied by recounting the relief which had seized him, when he had realized that he was being told of his son as the author of the facts, and not one of the victims. Indeed, being among those shot would have translated the homosexuality of his son, a orientation that his father would not have accepted.

Colorado shooting suspect’s father

“They started telling me about a shooting. And I found out it was a gay bar. I was scared, ‘Damn, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, phew… I’m a conservative Republican”pic.twitter.com/yrtX2PCQq9

— Philippe Corbé (@PhilippeCorbe) November 24, 2022

Proclaiming his political convictions, the father, who says to himself conservative republican, justified this relief by his attachment to these ideas.

His son is non-binary

the Parisian revealed the information of lawyers for Anderson Lee Aldrich, the main suspect in this shooting. The perpetrator of this shooting in an LGBTQ+ nightclub, identifies himself as being non-binary, the letter “Q”, meaning Queer, is therefore also attributed to him.

The man of 22 years old did not enter into a process of guilty or not guilty, his court-appointed lawyers added that the suspect was using the genderless pronouns in English “they/them” (iel in French), not recognizing themselves as either a man or a woman.

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