Here’s how your Linky meter can reduce your electricity bill


In order to track your electricity consumption, energy providers have launched applications linked to your Linky meter. We can cite “Enedis by my side”EDF & Me”Hello Watt”Lite“… Their goal ? Lower your bill. We give you the point !

Electricity: the Linky meter can help you lower your bills

We are no longer talking about the use of personal data, but about saving energy at all costs! So, Linky is a “valuable tool”, according to Rémy Rousset, one of the founders of Lite, a company that analyzes personal energy consumption data. In 2015, the CNRS published a study which explained that the more people monitor their electricity consumption, the more they will have the means to reduce it. Indeed, there is a difference of 23% between people who have a monitoring tool and those who do not. So we already have to track your databut then the to understandwhich is not always obvious.

So, several electricity suppliers launched applications and services to allow you to better follow and better understand your consumption. To take advantage of these applications, you must have a Linky meter and indicate all of the information necessary such as the meter number, the address, information about your home (size, type of heating, etc.) and of course authorize Linky to use your data.

Features implemented by electricity suppliers

These applications will allow you to realize your use of electricity, implement eco-gestures and therefore lower your bill. Engie offers an “Eco-conso” and Total Energie “Conso Live” service. For Total Energie, it’s not that simple. Indeed, you must have a second generation Linky meter, a consumption key to follow in real time, in kilowatt hours (kWh) and in euros, and also pay 2 euros per month in addition.

EDF also offers an application with a very detailed dashboard. You can compare one month to another, in kWh or in euros, on different time slots and compare with other equivalent families. Then you can analyze all parts/items : kitchen, heating, lights, appliances, etc. The e.quilibre section in your personal account allows you to set reduction and set alerts if you overconsume.

Opt for the right action and lower your energy consumption

Lite or Hello Watt offer free services to understand your electricity consumption in euros and in kWh, every day, every hour… You also receive tips and tricks more precise. For example, at Lite it is a kind of “compass helping you to reduce your consumption”, explains the founder. These additional tips are billed at 19 euros, but you will be reimbursed if you have managed to lower your bill by 70 euros.

You can also do a “optimization report” to check if the electricity contract is well adapted. “It is common to subscribe to a meter power that is too high in relation to one’s accommodation and equipment. Have an offer that corresponds to its uses is the first lever to reduce your bill”, informs Rémy Rousset. To go further, for example, to check if a heater is incorrectly adjusted or if there is an insulation fault or operating problems with certain household appliances, companies are using artificial intelligence. This allows for more accurate results. They also use data from Groupe Atlantic and the work provider, Effy.

Namely, Hello Watt is totally free. Its monitoring tool also offers advice depending on your situation. Whether on electricity or gas (connection with the Gazpar meter). You will be able to see if you are overconsuming in certain rooms, at certain positions and time slots. The recommendations go far since we can suggest that you do energy renovation work. For example, installing a heat pump or smart radiator. “Data analysis of consumption is essential to guide towards gestures and works that have higher priority than others”, explains Bastien Piot, in charge of communication at Hello Watt. The company you provides an estimate of any savings and a cost estimate for the work.


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