Here’s how many seconds a simple hug is synonymous with infidelity, according to experts

In love, everyone has their limits, but can a hug be considered…infidelity ? This is the question addressed by researchers from the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany, who analyzed under what circumstances and conditions certain behaviors could be qualified as marital infidelity. Deceive, so it wouldn’t just be having sex with someone other than your “official” partner? Well no !

The study, relayed by El Mundowas conducted among a sample of 9,104 people, 53% of whom were women – 17% of the people who took part in this study were born in the 1970s, 30% in the 1980s, 27% in the 1990s and the 26% remaining in the 2000s.

The fear of infidelity depends on the context

To conduct this research, the volunteers read short descriptions of situations and had to establish whether or not they were related to infidelity. Researchers have proposed no less than 26,633 variants describing people of both sexes adopting explicit behaviors (sex, kissing, prolonged hugging or interactions without physical contact) in different contexts which may include emotional involvement, online erotic content or a long-term relationship. Each participant was faced with 9 randomly chosen situations.

What have the scientists concluded? That sex in the same way as the kiss are qualified as infidelity almost unanimously. Their work also revealed that long hugs could be considered acts of infidelity when associated with emotional involvement, online erotic content, and prolonged duration. In the case of less explicit behaviors, it is the context which does ” unfaithfulness.

A hug for 20 seconds and we flirt with infidelity

Results ? 80% of participants believe that in the face of a long hug that is accompanied by emotional involvement, erotic online behavior or a long-term relationship, we can speak of infidelity. And what is a long hug ? How long does it take to cross this limit? According to experts, 20 seconds enough! Because it is at this moment that the body, in full feeling of well-being, begins to secrete oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins… The hormones of love and happiness. And therefore of the prelude to infidelity?

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