Here is the list of the companies that pay the best in France

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The job search site Glassdoor unveils this Tuesday, November 15 the list of companies offering the highest salaries in France. A major part operates in technology and consulting.

For 77% of French people, pay is the most important criterion for joining a company, according to a survey conducted by the recruitment firm Robert Half, and relayed by Capital. And in this wage game, not all companies are equal, as a study by Glassdoor relayed by our colleagues. The job search site has ranked companies with the highest average annual base salaries (excluding bonuses and overtime). Unsurprisingly, the companies at the top of the rankings operate in the technology and consulting sector. Of the 20 companies in the ranking, 15 fall within these sectors.

MongoDB, the application data platform, tops the ranking. The average salary in this company reaches 117,009 euros per year. The computer company Vmware and Kearney is in second place (114,348 euros/year), and the strategy consulting firm Kearney third (96,696 euros). Note that these three companies are American.

The fourth position is occupied by Oracle, an IT company specializing in the cloud (90,002 euros/year). Behind it is the consulting firm Bain & Company (88,484 euros/year) as well as Salesforce (78,762 euros/year) and Cisco Systems (77,367 euros/year). The top 10 is played out between Boston Consulting Group (77,224 euros/year), Red Hat (76,800 euros/year) and Adobe (76,448 euros/year).

In the top 20 are several companies familiar to the French: the financial holding company Rothschild & Co (14e with an average salary of 75,588 euros), the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (73,880 euros/year), Finastra (72,088 euros/year) or even Microsoft (76,012 euros/year).

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