her tackle to Vincent Cassel with whom she shot Asterix with Guillaume Canet!

In ten days, the new original opus of the adventures of our favorite Gauls will be released in all theaters. “Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Empire” is already shaping up to be a big success which required a budget of some 70 million euros. Directed by Guillaume Canet, the actor also embodies Asterix alongside a 5-star cast including Vincent Cassel in the role of Emperor Caesar and Marion Cotillard in the costume of Cleopatra. These last two were the guests this Sunday, January 22 of the program “Let yourself be tempted” broadcast from 9:15 to 10 am on RTL. And confided their shooting secrets to Stéphane Boudsocq who specifies, in the preamble, that the two actors had not met on the sets for 7 years and the film “Just the end of the world” by Xavier Dolan. And what marked the journalist is the incredible resemblance of the actors with their respective characters. And they themselves realized this quite quickly, as soon as they tried on their costumes! “It’s very similar, it’s true, we all thought about it”, explains Marion Cotillard, who continues: “The first time we saw him (Vincent Cassel, editor’s note) on the set, we said to ourselves that he really had the same face as the guy from the comics” she says, laughing! And the actor, in a funny tone to continue: “I did a lot of pre-work for years, I saw this thing happen, I’m there I’m going to blow my nose, I’m going to start letting my hair a little grayer… because one day they’re going to call me to do Julius Caesar,” he says humorously.

“I asked for my skirt to be lifted”

And to add: “The first costume fittings I said to myself, damn, it’s crazy, I feel really good in there! I even did something: the skirt was much longer and in fact, the memory I had of comics was that he (César) had small thighs (…) and suddenly, like me, I I have small thighs, I asked for my skirt to be lifted. I thought it gave a slightly more ridiculous side to the character”, adds Vincent Cassel. The Oscar-winning actress preferred to start with “makeup and hairdressing” to embody the Queen of Egypt. “It was quite funny to build a character in the style of comedy but still with historical references,” she says. And then… “It’s easy to feel like this character because we already have it on us,” concludes Marion Cotillard. When the RTL journalist asks them if it’s not too difficult to succeed Elizabeth Taylor, Claudette Colbert, Vivien Leigh, or Monica Bellucci for the role of Cleopatra, as well as Rex Harrison, Alain Delon or Fabrice Lucchini to interpret César, the duo refuses to be impressed by this long list. No complex … “It’s another job, we do our job …” concludes the former companion of Guillaume Canet.

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