“He behaved like a dad with me”

It’s the last straight line and the castle of Dammarie-les-lys is about to close its doors! This Saturday, November 26, TF1 will offer the final of the star Academyexceptionally broadcast from 10 p.m. because of the FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar. Enola, Anisha, Leah and Louis… After six weeks of competition, only four candidates remain in contention for victory. In full preparation for this ultimate bonus, Léa gave an exclusive interview to Tele-Leisure in which she looks back on her journey, but also her moments of doubt, what inspires her and her best memories in the adventure…

“I got rid of my shells”

Tele-Leisure : In what state of mind are you at the idea of ​​being in the final?

Leah : I’m a little stressed but I’m trying to make the most of my last days at the castle. I still don’t realize I’m in the final cause at the start of the adventure, i was convinced that i was going to leave after two weeks. On the contrary, my relatives really believe in me, which I accept, but I don’t feel it that way.

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What is your assessment of your adventure?

It’s the best experience of my life. I discovered myself and I evolved, both personally and artistically. It’s a new life, a new beginning for me. I’m still the same except I got rid of my shells. I’m sure my life after the castle will be better because I’ll be 100% myself. It was very complicated at the beginning because to evolve, I had to give myself up. Coming out of my cocoon required a lot of energy. I finally passed the course and today, I am the happiest!

What made you realize that you had to get rid of these shells?

It happened during the lessons of Laura Balon (stage expression teacher, Editor’s note) when I realized that I couldn’t do what she was asking me if I protected myself so much. The theater also helped me a lot. Finally, the stage was an important place to become aware of the change I had to make to evolve. The public also gave me the love and the motivation to fight.

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“This moment is etched forever in my memory”

Vitaa wrote you a song for the finale titled Stronger. How did you feel when you discovered it?

I was so happy and proud, it’s exactly my style of writing! It’s catchy, I really like it, so much so that I feel like I wrote it myself (laughs). Vitaaas Amel Bent moreover, inspires me enormously. This is the kind of artist I want to become.

What is your best and your worst memory of the adventure?

My best memory is when Tianathe love of my life in adventure, and myself were saved by the public against Carl and Paola. This moment is forever etched in my memory. Tiana is my sidekick from the Star Ac’ and I live very badly his absence this week. My worst memory is at the beginning when I couldn’t watch my performances during the debriefs with Laure Balon. I was disgusted and I wanted to go home. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult.

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“Marc Lavoine reassured me enormously”

Last Saturday, you sang a duet with Marc Lavoine. Were you surprised by his kiss on the neck before the performance?

I lived it very well because Marc Lavoine is benevolent. During rehearsals, he reassured me enormously. He behaved like a dad with me. I loved singing alongside him and I remember my evolution. If I compare this performance with the one I did with AmirI realize that I have more confidence in myself.

You marked the season thanks to your talent but also your strong character and your self-mockery. Are you the same outside the castle?

I’m like that all the time and my goal in the adventure was to be 100% me. People were sometimes shocked by my behavior when I was natural with them, as I can be with my family. So I discovered these aspects of my personality.

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