great first in the history of the show this Saturday for the prime

This Tuesday, November 15, during the live of the star Academy broadcast on MYTF1 MAX, Lucie Bernardoni and Marlène Schaff made a big announcement to the students for the bonus this Saturday, November 19.

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On October 15, TF1 kicked off the new season of star Academy. Nikos Aliagas took over the reins of the show during a bonus full of surprises, during which the 13 new students of this class of 2022 performed on stage in front of the new teachers of the Academy. An evening also marked by the return of Jenniferbig winner of the very first season in 2002. In addition to having proposed a medley of his best songs, she gave the candidates her advice as a former participant of the show. Since this launch bonus, the students have come a long way. Each week, they took their assessments. Some of them have been eliminated. friend was the first to leave the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. Ahcene, Cenzo, Carl, Paola and more recently Julian and Stanislas also came out of the adventure.

The program for the semi-final of the star Academy unveiled

This Tuesday, November 15, during the live of the star Academy broadcast on MYTF1 MAX, viewers were able to follow the evaluations of the six students still in the running. One of them will directly win their place for the show’s finale. The other five will be put to public vote. Two of them will definitely leave the adventure. While waiting for the verdict, Marlene Schaff and Lucie Bernardoni went to the castle to give information on the bonus of this Saturday, November 19. Thereby, Patrick Bruel will be present. He will perform one of his hits, Who has the right. Enola and Tiana are approached to sing with him.

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What you’re gonna do is a musical jukebox

Marlène Schaff then confided that she “something absolutely unique“to be announced to the students.”This is a first in the entire history of Star Academy (…) You are going to do Star Academy, the musical!“, she continued. A news that made very happy to Enola, she who is particularly fond of this theatrical genre. “We really loved what you proposed for your evaluations (…) that’s what gave us the idea to do this. We literally wrote you a little musical show with songs from the current music repertoire (…) What you’re gonna do is a musical jukebox. It’s like Mamma Mia, we use songs from the existing repertoire, which were not written to make musicals“, explained the coach. On the program: singing, theater, but also dance. “This little moment tells your personal stories, to each other, in your Star Academy journey“, continued Marlène Schaff. For the college, the students will perform a title from the musical The sun King. “You will all sing together on Saturday As long as we still dream!” let it be known Lucie Bernardoni.

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