Giroud, the big rant

Author of a double against Australia, Olivier Giroud was less visible against Denmark. Enough to bring up some criticisms.

Olivier Giroud will have to wait before holding, alone, the record for goals in the France team. Four days after signing a double against Australia and thus joining Thierry Henry in the annals of the France team thanks to his 51 goals in the blue jersey, the Savoyard was much more discreet on Saturday against Denmark. Little used, the Savoyard did not manage to weigh on the Danish defense and was taken out from the hour mark by Marcus Thurammuch more enterprising than the former Gunner.

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The Milan striker also had the mask on when he returned to the bench. Because this release had nothing to do with any physical glitch. “I didn’t go out because of my ankle injury. It’s a choice of the coach, I had run a lot too. The coach thought Marcus could bring more energy.”, he explained after the meeting. Some criticisms quickly resurfaced at the end of the meeting, in particular on the theme of the ineffectiveness of the native of Chambéry against the big nations. Something to annoy Emmanuel Petit.

Leave him alone!

” It’s not possible. You gotta stop harassing the boy. He certainly had a complicated game, but he scored twice in the first game. Stop, he launched at the microphone of RMC. They kick him out the door, he comes in through the window. You take him out of the trash can, he comes back through the basement and in the end, he gets everyone to agree. We never gave him anything, he went to get everything himself. He still can’t convince the last ones who are skeptical. They are always the same ones who expect only one thing, that he does not play well in a match and that he does not score. »

“You can’t be top scorer for the France team playing in all the big clubs you’ve been to by being bogus. It is not possible, added the 98 world champion. In 2018 he didn’t score a goal, they were world champions. When I see all the colossal work he does for his partners on the field… it can happen that he also misses a match even if I don’t think he missed his match. But from there to find the opportunity to say Giroud, are we going to start him for the next match, leave him alone! »

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