Gilles Verdez returns to the deception of his ex-girlfriend with a member of Wolds Apart (VIDEO)

Friday November 25, Gilles Verdez returned to an episode of his tormented love life on the set of Do not touch My TV. While Cyril Hanouna had just revealed that Delphine Wespiser was absent from the show because the former Miss France was at the Worlds Apart concert, the host then began to sing some notable titles from this emblematic boy band of the 90s .

It was enough to provoke the wrath of the columnist married to Fatou who had already revealed last year on the C8 show that his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him with one of the members of the British group. “I am in a very bad mood because of them because, I remind you that I was cheated on with my girlfriend at the time by one of them, whom I saw in a photo there. But I can’t reveal who it is.” he recalled at first. Words that obviously stung the flagship host of C8, always quick to shed light on the little secrets of his columnists.

“He was hiding in my car to go to the concert. We brought him in my car, after doing his stuff at my house! I chased him. I can’t say who he is, he wasn’t single in I chased it all the way to England in 1995 or 1996.” continued Gilles Verdez who, strongly encouraged by his boss, ended up revealing the identity of the singer but in the ear of the host. “Is that Steve?”then cafté Baba before specifying that it was not him and that he would keep the secret.



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