Germans oppose FIFA over rainbow armband and beer ban

The director of the federation Oliver Bierhoff and the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer supported this Saturday the wearing of the rainbow armband during the World Cup in Qatar, and regretted the ban on beer around the stadiums, decided they say too late.

A few minutes after Gianni Infantino’s press conference, the FIFA president remained ambiguous on the question of the rainbow armband that several captains want to wear in order to support minorities, the Germans again distanced themselves from the organization.

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The president of the German federation had already criticized Infantino on Fridayand Oliver Bierhoff followed the same line this Saturday at Ash Shamal, where the selection has been installed since Thursday evening. “FIFA does not have a clear position (on the cuff). Our position is, and it has been explained by our president, said the director of the federation. We assume the right to wear this armband. »

First concerned as captain, Manuel Neuer was firm when asked if he was going to wear it Wednesday against Japan. ” Yes, he spontaneously replied, before mentioning possible sanctions. We don’t know what to expect, but what is important is that we have the support of our president. There’s nothing to be scared of. It is important for us to represent the ideas behind this armband, and we are not the only teams to do so. »

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Ban on beer near stadiumsdecided on Friday and defended by Infantino, is not supported by the Germans either. “As with the armband, it would have been better to plan all this earlier, instead of making the decision at the last moment, Bierhoff blurted out. Drinking a beer is a habit when watching a match, we could have avoided this tension. » Neuer also lamented the timing: “Fans may feel cheated because they find out at the last moment. »

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