France team – France 98, the Deschamps-Zidane divorce broke everything

While its president Noël Le Graët is in the midst of a storm with his slippages, Didier Deschamps spoke out to regret the comments made against Zidane. An insufficient outing for Emmanuel Petit, saddened by the atmosphere between the 1998 world champions.

Didier Deschamps finally came out of his reserve this Wednesday to discuss the case of the president of the FFF, Noel Le Graet. The coach of theFrench team forms a real complementary duo with the one who has been running it for nearly 11 years. However, Le Graet’s words to Zidane on Sunday and his behavior towards women denounced in L’Equipe forced Deschamps to position himself. As usual, he was measured using a hint of jargon. He regretted the verbal behavior of the boss of the federation. ” His comments as he acknowledged and admitted were inappropriate. I think it’s a very good thing that he apologized to Zizou “, he said.

France 98 is not going well, the Le Graet affair will explode

He also denied any enmity towards his former Juve partner and designated rival for the post of national coach. But this is not enough to pick up the pieces according to Emmanuel Petit. The former Monegasque midfielder is saddened to see, over the years, the France 1998 group tear itself apart. For him, the attitude of Didier Deschamps and his too visible support for Noel Le Graet are not likely to bring back unity between the French world champions of the last century.

Me, I’m sorry for 98 actually. Because this unity that we have always had, for a very very long time, this incredible epic that binds us until the end of our lives, I find that there are a lot of problems at present. We should all get together and be able to talk frankly and honestly eye to eye because there are too many things that are wrong. There’s a dinner party in a little less than two weeks, I’m sure there are a lot of people who won’t be coming. […] It touches me because I left the association for 15 years for various reasons, some of which we are talking about right now. I would have liked Didier to really disengage because the things we are currently dealing with around Le Graet are very serious “, he dropped on RMC. But, even beyond France 1998, it is French football in 2023 that is going through a serious crisis.

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