France has an unbelievable talent

Capture écran M6 direct / France has an incredible talent

Direct M6 screen capture / France has incredible talent

A number as original as it is incomprehensible. This Tuesday, November 15, 2022 in France has an incredible talent on M6, a tribute paid to Johnny Hallyday by a couple on a backhoe loader, was considered lunar by the twittos. From beginning to end, many did not understand where the duo was coming from…

The 5th episode of France has an incredible talent was broadcast this Tuesday, November 15, 2022 on M6. As usual, this 17th season begins with the audition stage. On the program for this Tuesday: a brother and sister duo dancing jazz-rock, a wizard Swiss with the power to turn milk into soda or Chardonnaya young man capable of opening beer bottles with anything, or even a slam performed by the residents of a nursing home.

Viewers were also able to discover a circassian practicing the aerial hoop and denouncing with a lot of personality the dangers of social networks. His very embodied performance allowed him to win the “golden buzzer” of Marianne James, which gives him direct access to the final. “I think he’s someone unique”, justified the juror, who also believed he detected in him a talent for acting. “You described the suffering very well, someone different like you can be spotted very quickly, you delivered a message with your body and you moved me enormously”, continued about him Helen Segarashe is also a member of the jury.

“There are so many other ways to pay tribute to Johnny”

Twitter users, many of whom complained about the low level of tonight’s numbers, were treated to a quality show thanks to him. Unfortunately for them, a few minutes later, another moment came to surprise them again in the wrong direction… Alexandre and Chloé from the Gérard Gérard company, appeared on stage, in order to perform a “collective evocation act in pentasyllables on the theme of Johnny”. All in a nod to the day when Alexandre’s father took him when he was ten to see Johnny Hallyday at the Stade de France.

To do this, they asked the jury to go outside. Because in addition to words, the couple uses for its number, a backhoe loader launched at full speed. For a few minutes, Alexandre climbed there singing Envy, while Chloé shouted figures about Johnny’s career, “78 Zénith”, “144 Palais des sports”, “100 Bercy” etc. The height of absurdity, the man operating the backhoe loader gave him an air battery demonstration in his cabin.

It all ended with a long kiss on the mouth, as immodest as rock’n’roll, exchanged between Alexandre and Chloé. Throughout this performance, many tweeters confessed… not understanding what they were seeing. Why the backhoe? Why chant information about Johnny like a list? A word came up very often: “embarrassing”.

And it was more or less the same disbelief on the side of Hélène Segara: “I did not understand where the proposal was going, but people must have a good evening with you!”, She commented to the end of the show. “It would have been less sad to exhume Johnny”, for his part dared Sugar Sammy, who did not adhere to the service. The comedian known for his acerbic comments even went further by expressing his impression of having attended a “Mad Max des cassos”…

Video. Discover the portrait of Hélène Segara

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