France 2 is preparing to relaunch “Intervilles” for the summer of 2023

Nostalgia – The public service is working on a resurrection of the “Intervilles” format, stopped since 2013, with Nagui and Bruno Guillon at the presentation.

Will come back or not come back? After the announcement of a first return ofIntercity in 2020which ultimately could not take place due to the Covid pandemic, the public service would be at work again to revive this cult format broadcast from 1962 to 2013. As three years earlier, it would be the animator Nagui and his production company, Air Productions, who would be at the origin of this project according to Var-Morning.

The presenter of Do not forget the lyrics has been working for several years on the return of the emblematic summer game created by Guy Lux. His previous attempt, hailed by many nostalgic viewers, already announced many changes.

Bruno Guillon and Nagui approached

It was a trio of presenters made up of Valérie Bègue, Olivier Minne and Bruno Guillon who had been chosen to be at the helm of the show. Only the last would still be in the small papers of the public service for this new attempt.

To support him, it is Nagui himself who will wet the shirt. The 60-year-old host had already presented the show in 2004 and 2005 alongside Juliette Arnaud.

A unique filming location in Poitiers

On the filming location side, the program should also take place in a single location, as provided for in the copy avo(…) Read more at 20 minutes

VIDEO – Ophélie Winter will return to present a cult 90’s show

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