Foot OL – OL or nothing, Joao Gomes forced to sign in Lyon – Olympique Lyonnais

The soap opera Joao Gomes has experienced a new episode and it confirms the trend, namely that the Brazilian player from Flamengo has a good chance of joining Olympique Lyonnais by the end of the transfer window.

Venê Casagrande, the Brazilian journalist at the forefront of the Joao Gomes file understood it well, the case of the 21-year-old midfielder, under contract until 2027 with Flamengo, fascinates both Lyon supporters and those of Wolverhampton , the two clubs fighting for this reinforcement. And on the night of Friday to Saturday, he made a major announcement, as he confirmed that the leaders of the Brazilian team have warned theOL that no matter what, Joao Gomes would not be sold to the Premier League club and that negotiations must now focus between Olympique Lyonnais and the midfielder. And this even if the latter had nevertheless expressed his desire to join Wolverhampton, his favorite team. A wish, however, mitigated by fans who unearthed on social networks a message from the Flamengo player, who claimed to dream of playing in England, but in the jersey of Liverpool.

Textor and Fluminense boss are close

According to the Brazilian journalist, John Textor, who is heavily involved in this file, was personally warned by Rodolfo Landim, the big boss of Flamengo, that now Wolverhampton was out of the running in the signing of Joao Gomes, even though the player had already warned his teammates that he was leaving for the Premier League. In a video on Youtube, Venê Casagrande specifies that Textor and Landim are very close, especially in a file around the Brazilian championship, and that the boss of OL has been informed, just like the midfielder who is Joao Gomas was negotiating with Lyon, or he would not move during this transfer window. A somewhat inextricable situation, insofar as the young Flamengo midfielder constantly reminds that he has already given his agreement to the English club. But the relationship between the two leaders is in favor of the club of Jean-Michel Aulas, even if one wonders what reception will be reserved for a player who openly wanted to sign elsewhere.

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