Florie Galli (Large families) gives news of her son’s health after a big accident

This Tuesday, November 22, Florie Galli (Large families: life in XXL) returned to a misadventure that occurred the day before with her son Arthur. Thus, the beautiful redhead explained that her son will have to have surgery following his accident.

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Florie and Bastien Galli are proud of their tribe made up of five children: the eldest, Arthur, the triplets, Maxime, Pink and Lucie, and the youngest Paul. Moreover, the clan opened the doors of its daily newspaper for the docu-reality signed TF1, Large families: life in XXL. Even if they sometimes happen to put their participation on hold for lack of things to tell on the screen, the mother of the family continues to evoke their daily life on her social networks where she is more and more followed.

Arthur forced to have surgery

The week started with a detour to the emergency room for the Galli. Last night, Camille Santoro’s girlfriend posted an Instagram story where we see her eldest with a bandage on the hand and on some fingers, while specifying that it was a fracture with deviation. A few hours later, this Tuesday, November 22, Florie Galli took advantage of a few minutes of respite before her busy schedule to say more about what happened. “So I don’t know. He did some stupid things. He bumped into each other, he played with his buddies, well“, she confessed at first. Then, the influencer explained that the doctors had diagnosed him with a fracture with deviation and that he was going to have to go to the block. Before specifying why: “We will reduce the fracture. So much for the Arthur episode. Obviously, he is a little disgusted because he will not be doing sports for a little while, a little over a month. […] It is by hand so there is still much more serious. He will recover quickly. It’s not bad so it’s fine.“We wish him a good recovery!

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Bastien fed up

If their children fill them with happiness, it happens that Bastien Galli or his wife lives more complicated days. Recently, Florie Galli returned to her husband’s rant at the behavior of her triplets. “He hadn’t planned so many children, even though he is super happy with our family. He has always loved children and on that we were really on the same wavelength. […] But you have to know that for us, the triplets, it is very difficult to manage. Multiples have this permanent frustration. They systematically fight for the affection of the parent”revealed the mother of the family in the podcast of Apple The Parents Show. “It has sometimes become very hard for him to bear, because he does not understand this behavior. He is a bit of a victim in this situation, because when he comes back from work, they are constantly asking for him, limit , they are hanging from his legs. For him, it’s hard to accept”concluded the candidate of Large families: life in XXL. Fortunately, it remains only happiness!

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Article written in collaboration with 6medias.

“Arthur must go to the block”: Florie Galli (Large families) gives news of the health of his son after a big accident

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