FIFA does not allow Harry Kane to wear the LGBT armband

The armband of discord. According to the latest indiscretions of our colleagues from TelegramFIFA has informed the Football Association (FA) that its regulations do not allow Harry Kane to wear the rainbow armband with the inscription ‘OneLove’ to express solidarity with marginalized and discriminated people, including the LGBT community is part of the matches that England will play during this final phase of the World Cup in Qatar.

What’s next after this ad

To respond to the emerging controversy, FIFA has launched alternative armbands with messages of solidarity which correspond better to the competition according to the institution of world football. The latter have different slogans for each round. The design of these new armbands is meant to incorporate the heart of the old “OneLove” armbands, preferred by European nations, but without the rainbow that represents the LGBT community. Not sure that this is enough to stifle this new affair linked to discrimination against homosexuals.

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