Faced with a “worrying” slowdown in deployment, Arcep is concerned

Fiber optics: faced with a “worrying” slowdown in deployment, Arcep is concerned

While the closure of the copper network is closely linked with the deployment of optical fiber, the president of Arcep Laure de la Raudière warns of the slowness observed in certain areas.

We will have to speed up, warn the telecom regulator. Its president indeed observes a slowdown “worrying about the pace of fiber deployment in medium-dense areas (Amii) and dense areasand believes that operators have postponed their investment efforts in public initiative networks (RIP), in less dense areas. However, this decision could affect the closure of the copper network through which ADSL and fixed telephony pass, scheduled to start in 2026.

Indeed, theoretically, the interruption of operation of the aging network must be compensated by the coverage of the fiber network in the area. However, if the deployment is too late, it is impossible to deprive subscribers of connection. “Arcep validates the copper network closure batches. We could ask Orange not to close on certain lots if they were not sufficiently covered by fiberexplains the president of Arcep. This could upset Orange, which wants to quickly close this network, which is increasingly expensive to maintain as subscribers migrate to fiber and which represents an additional network and therefore an ecological aberration.

To close the copper you need a well-built and well-operated fiber network” asserts Laure de la Raudière, who estimates that 2% of the fiber lines deployed have a higher incident rate than the average, despite the commitments of the actors of the sector to restore the networks, with several recoveries in hand. infrastructure. “50% of fixed subscribers have switched to fiber, this means that there are still 50% to installrecalls Laure de la Raudière. And then, it will be necessary to manage the customers who will change operator“. Thus, work will have to continue to be put in place to guarantee a good closure of the copper network. “The subcontractors who work for the operators must also have the means to carry out the work in good safety conditions, while guaranteeing the quality of the operation. This raises the question of the sharing of value between subcontractors and principals“, adds the president.

Source : Le Figaro

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