Even without taking the train in 2021 the SNCF cost you 275 euros

Last year the French paid 276 euros for the SNCF, even those who had never set foot on a train.

The SNCF cost the French 18.5 billion euros in 2021, not counting the tickets paid by travelers

A study of the Fipeco site shows that the SNCF will have cost you 23 euros per month in 2021. A public company, the SNCF is financed by the State and the regions, but it is expensive for all French people, whether you take the train or not… Don’t forget that what you pay can be used to access less expensive tickets. expensive especially for regional trains (TER).

A total cost of 18.5 billion euros

The contribution you pay is used to maintain the network, buy rolling stock, etc. According to the Fipeco study, for the year 2021 the total cost reached 18.5 billion euros against 16.7 billion euros for the year 2020 (+ 10.8%). In the end, when the taxpayer paid 249 euros in 2020, he paid a bill of 275 euros last year. The sum of 18.5 billion euros includes the cost of SNCF and the special social Security railway workers for the State and the authorities regional.

Interviewstar on the antenna BFM TVthe founder of the Fipeco site, François Ecalle adds: “There is a problem. Not only are these sums added to those paid by travelers during the year (via the cost of tickets and other services) but the bill ‘is partly financed by households and businesses that do not use rail services’.

A 13% increase in operating costs

Recently, the SNCF announced a 5% increase in the price of TGV tickets for 2023, she says she will ‘save’ tickets at ‘low prices’. It also announces a 13% increase in its operating costs.

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