Erdogan says he is considering a ground operation in Syria

The Turkish president reiterates his intention to carry out a new ground military operation in northern Syria, after launching missiles against PKK positions in Iraq and Syria this weekend.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke on Monday November 21 of the possible launch of a “land operationin Syria, the day after of a series of air raids against Kurdish positions in Syria and Iraq and several rocket attacks on Turkish soil from Syrian territory.

There is no question that this operation is only limited to an air operation“, declared the Head of State to the Turkish journalists who accompanied him on his return from Qatar, where he attended the opening of the Football World Cup.

The series of air raids that killed around 30 people on Sunday in Syria were launched in retaliation for the attack that killed six people on November 13 in Istanbul, attributed by Ankara to the “terrorists» Kurds. “The competent units, our Ministry of Defense and our General Staff will together decide on the power to be committed by our ground forces.“, indicated the president, mentioning “consultations” In progress.

We have already warned: we will make those who disturb us on our territory pay“, he reaffirmed. Sunday evening and Monday morning rocket fire from Syria hit the Turkish border and territory, killing a total of three people and wounding nearly fifteen.

Regarding the operationSword Clawlaunched on Sunday against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the People’s Defense Units (YPG), “it was carried out by 70 planes and drones“, detailed the president:”They sank 140 km into northern Iraq and 20 km into northern Syria“, he specified.

Erdogan also assured that he had “no discussionwith US President Joe Biden or his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin about the operation. The United States supports the YPG in northeastern Syria against the jihadists of the Islamic State group and Russia supports pro-regime militias in the same region.

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