Energy strainers, 22% in Paris and 10% cheaper on average

Towards a tidal wave of thermal sieves on the real estate market?

“In the face of measures taken to combat the proliferation of thermal colanders, the real estate market could be flooded with properties of this type. But for the time being, no phenomenon of magnitude has yet been observed, although these thermal colanders continue to lose value in certain cities”.

“According to a study published by the Guy Hoquet network, no wave of sales of this type of property has yet been observed, but certain changes are beginning to be felt at the local level, report our colleagues from BFMTV.

22% of energy strainers on sale in Paris

“Currently, energy strainers represent 8% of goods for sale in France, the same value as a year ago. However, around a third of property listings still do not display an energy label, which may suggest that the proportion of energy strainers is higher.

According to the municipalities, significant differences exist on this real estate market. In Paris, energy strainers represent 22% of goods for sale, compared to 15% in Dijon or Rouen. In Montpellier, Marseille, Nice and Toulon, this rate is only 5% and even 2.5% in Perpignan. »

Goods sold on average 10% cheaper

“While there is no massive wave of sales in the real estate market, these thermal strainers continue to lose value. On average, these properties are 10% cheaper than housing with better energy performance.

But in some cities, like Avignon, the discount can reach almost 30% or even 15% in Nîmes or Montauban, while it is only 3% in Paris. Finally, in Bordeaux, Rennes, Orléans or even Angers, these properties are not subject to any discount”.

Real estate is a market with inertia!

We must not forget the two rules of real estate. Location and inertia.

The location determines the value more than the quality of the property, and the beautiful Haussmannian apartments of the Champs de Mars of the very rich will never be insulated by the facade with polystyrene, any more than there will be interior insulation for destroy the beautiful ceilings with period plaster moldings.

This is all just another bullshit that will end…

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