Energy prices: 10 billion euros in business aid available from this Saturday

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To enable companies to cope with soaring energy prices, the government is setting up an aid scheme of 10 billion from this Saturday, November 19. Manual.

Even more than individuals, companies are preparing to face an explosion in their electricity and gas bills. To help them, and avoid closures and layoffs, the government is mobilizing 10 billion euros by 2023. Craftsmen, SMEs or large companies can benefit from it. A help desk opens this Saturday, November 19, 2022.

What helps ?

Companies will be able to benefit from monthly boosts. The aid is capped at 4 million euros but can go up to 50 or even 150 million euros for large energy-consuming companies exposed to international competition. The aid will be proportional to the increase in the gas or electricity bill. This device comes in addition to the tariff shield set up for VSEs that have an electricity meter with a power of less than 36 kVA.

How it works ?

The Ministry of the Economy wanted a device “more efficient, simple and fast”. To benefit from it, business leaders must connect, from this Saturday, to the tax administration website: It is possible to make simulations there. Only the energy bills for 2022 and 2021 (and sometimes the EBEs) are to be provided. Bercy promises to pay the aid 10 to 15 days after the company manager’s request. The current aid concerns the period June-July-August and September-October 2022. For November-December 2022, it will be necessary to wait until early 2023.

What are the conditions ?

For the period of the aid application, the energy price paid by the company must have increased by 50% compared to the average price paid in 2021. And the energy expenses of September 2022 must represent more than 3% of 2021 turnover. These conditions concern craftsmen, SMEs or farmers, for example.

For very large companies, eligible for aid of 50 or 150 million, energy expenditure in 2022 must represent more than 3% of turnover in 2021. And energy expenditure for the 1st half of 2021 must represent more than 6% of turnover for the first half of 2022. Similarly, the company must have a negative gross operating surplus, or a decrease of 40% over the period during which the aid is claimed.

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