EdF: Domenech was dying of boredom in 2018…

On the eve of the start of the 2022 World Cup, consultant Raymond Domenech revealed this Saturday that he hopes to have more fun than during the previous edition, in 2018. Despite the coronation of the Blues, the show offered in Russia has indeed clearly left the former tricolor coach unsatisfied.

“I’m going to be naughty. I’ll tell you that I was bored in 2018. I’m trying to get a game out… Maybe there was France-Argentina because there were two actions in the game But can someone spontaneously tell me a match of the World Cup in 2018 that we remember? A match where we have everything? None”, tackled the technician for the media Ozap.

“For me, a good World Cup, these are matches that we remember. These are matches that are out of the ordinary, where there was emotion. Something! That of 2018, apart from that “we win it, I have no memories where I vibrated. However, I was in the comments. I have nothing. I erased everything. I had no emotions. The interstellar void “, again struck the 70-year-old man. Level quality of play, we can understand where Domenech is coming from, level emotions on the other hand…

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