Didier Deschamps, coach of the Blues: “Denmark is undervalued compared to its real value”

“After the match against Australia, you mentioned corrections to be made on placements in particular. Are you going to make changes on the right side, concerning the side and the position of Adrien Rabiot for example?
Mamma mia (smile)… So many questions…. I can do anything. Against Australia, in addition to the goal conceded, there are 3 situations where we must do better. It might be too much, but it’s not huge either. Then, everyone will have their own feelings, perhaps saying ‘it’s only Australia’… But that requires adjustments. On an action, this can be a single player placement. Obviously, there are things we can improve, even if we showed a lot of offensive quality. Then I leave you the initiative of these different debates…

Is there in Ousmane Dembélé a desire for redemption after the 2018 World Cup, where he was not fully efficient, and Euro 2021, where he was injured?
Redemption no, I don’t think so… In 2018, he was still part of a group that was successful. Since then, he has experienced events in his sporting life, with major injuries. He’s a more built, more mature player, even if he’s still a very happy person (smile). Because of the daily demands with his club, he is better. He always has this ability to create huge problems for the opponent with his speed, his percussion, while leaving to reduce the waste as much as possible. He makes a magnificent pass on Kylian’s goal.

He was decisive but he is not known for his qualities of defensive withdrawal. Is there a risk of using this profile against Denmark?
Ask me if I’m gonna play it or not, that way it’s clearer (smile). There are offensive players who are able to defend well. He has made enormous progress in this regard, because he is also asked to do so at his club. I talk about it with him, it’s more about placement, to have less important efforts to make. On this match, there were two situations where he was a little weak, I told him to correct and he corrected well.

“Ousmane has a high volume of play. At Dortmund he played in the middle in a triangle, so he has that ability. Even if I prefer that he make efforts in the direction of the opposing goal.

How do you explain the recent difficulties of the French team to beat Denmark? Is it an underrated team?
That, I confirm to you… I have said several times that it was undervalued compared to its real value. She gave us a lot of misery, so we will have to make sure that we reverse the trend, not to mention revenge or whatever. It’s a team that always has the ability to change systems, which can lead to different difficulties.

In the round of 16, you could face Argentina or Mexico, how do you see these two teams?
We’re going to think about Denmark and I hope you’ll ask me the question again later. Already, we take care of our group. We will see what happens in the group that concerns us in the event of qualification. Of course, the 2nd match can be decisive for these teams. We are not going to show off and put the rooster higher than it is. We have the possibility, like all the teams who won the first match, of qualifying by winning the second match.

Could you have played Raphaël Varane against Australia and can his possible return bring you more experience in defense?
He could have played because he was fit. He made the opposition twice 30 minutes the day after the match, these are extra things. He was fit for the first, he is no less or even a little more so for the second. He has experience, that’s for sure. The most important thing is that he feels ready in his body and in his head. I know he is, so I’ll make the decision based on that. »


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