Delphine Wespiser makes everyone hallucinate by revealing her worst love killer

TPMP: Delphine Wespiser reveals her worst love killer and surprises everyone.  - C8

TPMP: Delphine Wespiser reveals her worst love killer and surprises everyone. – C8

This Thursday, January 12, 2023, in the daily TPMP, Cyril Hanouna asked his columnists what their worst love killer was. If for Matthieu Delormeau, Béatrice Rosen and the others we stay rather in the classic, Delphine Wespiser surprised everyone with hers … Find out what you absolutely do not need to hope to seduce the former Miss France …

As we know, Cyril Hanouna loves to ask intimate questions to his columnists in TPMP. Recently, he asked them about their New Year’s resolutions and some of them went wild! Indeed, Kelly Vedovelli made a very original request to her boss by asking him for a clog. “Do you know that we can make wishes for the new year? I would like to wish to finally have my clog from you. I see that it clogs everyone and I have never seen the tip of your tongue“, she launched.

For her part, Danielle Moreau asked “more sex“: “My resolutions will be very short. Less kilos, a little diet and more sex! In picnicking, I only keep n*cking and I already have my first snack… Jean-Marie!“, but the comedian did not look hot hot.

The Worst Killers-Love Columnists

This Thursday, January 12, 2023, Baba asked those present around the table about their worst love killers. For Matthieu Delormeau, who recently recounted the time he grilled his boyfriend cheating on him, the lack of intelligence and conversation is unbearable.

For Valérie Bénaïm, it is the lack of hygiene. Same thing for Beatrice Rosen. The one who kissed Géraldine Maillet in a swimming pool claims to have a very good sense of smell and can’t stand bad smells.

It disgusts me

If overall we stay in the…

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