David Hallyday rages against Laeticia, his stepmother

David Hallyday would have forced the production of an M6 documentary, proposed by Laeticia Hallyday, to withdraw an intimate sequence. This is a swim at the Savannah pool.

On December 8, M6 will broadcast the unpublished documentary Johnny by Laeticia, an opportunity to reveal unpublished images of the daily life of Taulier, five years after his disappearance.

The mother of Jade and Joy has put for the occasion unpublished family images, and never displayed on television.
On the other hand, sequences have been erased, notably those of David Hallyday and Laura Smet.

The director of the documentary William Karel says a little more about these 700 hours images filmed by Laeticia Hallyday.

This documentary indeed revives, from these unpublished archive images, Johnny Hallyday alongside his wife, Laeticia. From their meeting in 1995 until her death in 2017. She would have promised that there would be no censorship.

“She gave us the footage, giving us carte blanche, promising she wouldn’t take anything away. She kept her word, ”explains the director.
But he finally made the decision to remove a few sequences, in particular those where we discover David Hallyday and Laura Smet in their intimacy.
William Karel explains why he was forced to cut multiple sequences with David and Laura, Johnny Hallyday’s eldest children.
And more particularly, those where they bathe in the pool of the Savannah, where having fun at birthday parties.
A lawsuit would be feared by the production.
“So as not to have any problems,” he said.

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