Clash on TPMP between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard: what does the MP’s complaint against the host contain?

This Wednesday, November 23, Louis Boyard filed his complaint against Cyril Hanouna after the TPMP program during which the deputy had been strongly attacked by the host, who had gone so far as to utter insults.

He had announced his intention to file a complaint, it is now done. The LFI deputy who had been invited to the TPMP program on C8 on November 10. The case had made a lot of noise, giving rise to the opening of an investigation by Arcom targeting the chain.

Louis Boyard has therefore decided to file a complaint for “public insult” and accuses Cyril Hanouna of live insults “for having criticized the owner of his channel”, reports AFP quoted by the Huffington Post.

What terms are targeted?

In the complaint filed by the deputy, five statements by Cyril Hanouna are targeted: “You, you’re shit”, “kind of moron”, “you’re a moron”, as well as “tocard, go” and ” jester, go”.

In his complaint, Louis Boyard highlights the fact that the terms used by the host “obviously cannot constitute simple derogatory or pejorative qualifiers which would fall under a free right of criticism covered by freedom of expression”.

Who is the subject of the complaint?

The complaint primarily targets Cyril Hanouna, the host of C8 who made the remarks denounced by the deputy. But it also targets Maxime Saada who is the chairman of the management board of Canal +, owner of C8. Why ? Because the sequence including the clash and therefore the insults was subsequently rebroadcast on the channel’s website.

The status of deputy highlighted

In addition to the insults to his person, Louis Boyard denounces as an aggravating circumstance the fact that he is a deputy. “The public insult because of the parliamentary mandate is a direct insult to the nation and to the Republic which must be sanctioned by the courts,” his lawyer told AFP.

The complainant also reports the “surge of hatred” on social networks, following the sequence. After the clash, TPMP returned to the sequence in another broadcast. The opportunity for the host to also announce his intention to file a complaint against Louis Boyard.

Last week, Arcom launched a penalty procedure against C8 after this altercation on the set. The show is already in the sights of the audiovisual authority and has recently been the subject of a formal notice for his handling of the Lola affair.

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